settlement services / 移民安顿服务 / خدمات الإسکان و الاستقرار / servicios de asentamiento

We understand that settling in a new place and making it home for you and your family is a challenging and long process. No matter where you are from or how long it has been since you arrived in Canada, we welcome all newcomers to access support services and community involvement opportunities here at Frog Hollow. Our programs are designed to help you successfully navigate the stages towards citizenship and further on, for your longterm wellbeing and participation in society.

One-on-One Services

Services include one-to-one settlement plan, information & orientation, assisting to permanent resident card renewal, citizenship applications, career planning, BC housing applications, rental assistance, benefits applications (EI, income assistance, tax credits, OAS/GIS, child care subsidy, child benefits, school enrollments, etc.), medical applications (MSP, PharmaCare), free English lesson referral, emergency food bags, and so much more!

Available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Dari/Farsi, Russian/Ukranian.

We can assist you both online/in-person, via various platforms, e.g. email, text message, phone, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and Zoom.

In person by appointment only. Click here to view staff contacts >>

Click here to see posters in 中文,عربي, Español, English, Farsi&Dari








BC Settlement and Integration Services

For Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW), Naturalized Canadian Citizens  who are seeking employment, Provincial Nominees (awaiting PR), Post-Secondary International Students, Refugee Claimant. Learn more>>


Workshop Series for Farsi & Dari-speaking Newcomers

May 9 & 23, June 6, 2024, from 4:00 to 6:00pm

Workshop series on immigration and employment for Farsi & Dari-speaking newcomers. Register with Parvin: 236-833-4193 or

Clinton Park Fieldhouse-P'ipam Lelum

Youth Settlement Programs

For newcomer youth age 10-30 years old. Learn more>>

One-on-One Employment Support Services

We offer one-on-one employment support services for all newcomers who are Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees or Prectoected Persons. Contact Erika at 604-773-4769 or 


Canadian Citizenship Test Preparation Course

July 25, 27, Aug 1, 3, 8&10 2023. 10 am to 12pm

6 sessions course for Permanent Residents to prepare for their citizenship test. Childminding & bus tickets are available. Fill out the pre-screening form, we will reach out to you:




Settlement and Employment Service in Dari & Farsi

Career & Employment Workshop Series- April 25, May 23 & June 20

We are offering Dari-speaking (for refugees from Afghanistan) & Farsi-speaking (for naturalized citizens in Canada) settlement and employment services at Frog Hollow. Sign up with Parvin at 236-833-4193, or Learn more>>

Click here to read poster in Dari

Community Connections

Starting April 2024!

Community Connections Program provides a series of informative workshops empowering newcomers to navigate in the community. Sign up with Eva at


English Conversation Club

April 15 & 22, May 6, 13 & 27, June 3, 2024 from 10 am to 1230pm

For permanent residents and new immigrants, Refugee Claimant and Naturalized Canadian Citizens. The program is run in cycles all year round with different topics. Sign up with Maysa at


WOW-Employment Readiness Program for Newcomers Women

Application open NOW for new cycle: Apr 15 – Jun 20, 2024 & new location!

WOW-Working Opportunities for Women is a 10-week Employment Readiness Program for newcomer women who are interested in pursuing a career in the child-care field. Learn more>>

Information Session - Canadian Tax Essentials

February 26, 2024, Monday, 3-5pm

Join us for an informative session on Canadian Tax Essentials! Learn all about the tax system, your responsibilities and benefits. Register with Maria Helena at

Click here to read poster in Spanish

Information & Orientation Workshop for Newcomers

May 7 – June 11, 2022

This 6-session workshop will be in person and in Mandarin and Cantonese. 新移民系列讲座(费用全免)现在接受报名。详情请查看海报。欢迎参加。Contact Wyman at  to know more.



English Corner


Every Tuesday from 3:30pm – 5:30pm.  FREE and drop-in style, a meeting place for people of all cultures to improve their English language skills. Childminding services is available.  Inquiries:


Employment Workshop

April 24 – May 29, 2024, every Wednesday from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Registration: Wyman at 236-818-2581 or


YES CHEF! Program

NOW Recruiting July & August 2024 Cohort!

A cooking and baking training program for newcomer youth aged 15-30 who are Permanent Residents or Convention Refugees.  Reach out to YES CHEF! Coordinator, Tamara, at  or call/text 778-919-0366

Pathways to Leadership

Oct 24th 2023 – Mar 6th, 2024, Tues, 930am – 12noon

A 16-week empowering program for newcomer women with permanent residence status & newly naturalized immigrant women. 

For more details, please connect with Eva to find out more at

What's in Pathways to Leadership Program?

Workshops for Newcomers

Registration is open for the 2023 Spring workshop series.

The program is run in cycles throughout the year, providing educational, experiential and cultural workshops for newcomers & permanent residents to navigate Canadian society.

Empowering Women: WOW Program as Stepping Stone to Career Success in Canadian Job Market

In a world where women, especially women of color, mothers and immigrant women, face the daunting challenge of grappling with career aspirations, life's demands, gender biases, and credential gaps, the WOW program stands as a guiding light of hope and empowerment....

NEW SPACE! Sunrise Welcome Place – Settlement & Integration Services

We are excited to announce an additional space in our community: Sunrise Welcome Place - Settlement and Integration Services, located at 2740 E Hastings St. Vancouver. At Sunrise Welcome Place, we offer a diverse range of settlement and integration services to help...

Saeed’s Success Story:Overcoming Challenges, Finding a New Path

In the vibrant communities of East Vancouver, where diverse cultures intertwine, a journey of transformation began for Saeed, a newcomer seeking a fresh start in Canada. Originally from Iran, Saeed boasts an impressive 15+ years of experience as an Industrial...

2022 Frog Hollow Holiday Hamper Support

Dear Community Member, We are seeking community support for our 2022 Frog Hollow Holiday Hamper Program. For nearly two decades, we have provided support and much-needed cheer to at least 40 families in our community each holiday season. Last year we were able to...

Angeline Day reflects on working with newcomers-2022 Canada Summer Job Student

Angeline Day joined us this summer as the Community Programmer(Canada Summer Job) supporting Family, Seniors, Settlement, Food Security and Waacus Salee Programs at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. Besides working with Frogs in the Park programming, she was our main...

2021 Frog Hollow Holiday Hamper Support

Dear Community Member, We are seeking community support for our 2021 Frog Hollow Holiday Hamper Program. For over a decade, we have provided support and much-needed cheer to at least 40 families in our community each holiday season. Since 2009, we have seen increasing...

Frogs in the Park Fundraiser

We raised $3,288.5 for Family, Seniors, Food Security, Settlement & Waacus Salee Indigenous Programs at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House! We didn't reach our goal, but we wouldn't have been able to raise any money at all without your collective support:)  It's a...

Holiday Celebration Crafts Kits Keep Frog Hollow Families Connected

Traditionally, we would be celebrating special occasions by sharing different arts and crafts in the drop-in program. In the midst of a pandemic, we still would like to spread our love and keep on the connection by providing special edition arts and craft packages to...

Frog Hollow Family Drop-in Program Adapt to Covid-19

Frog Hollow Family Drop-in Program hopes to keep our families connected at the time of social distancing. In response to the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) order and direction, the program is transformed to continue supporting our parents and their little ones. A...

2020 Frog Hollow Holiday Hamper Support

We want to say a big Thank you to all the wonderful contributors for your heartfelt generous donations. Your support went a long way towards building better families during the holiday season, especially during the stressful challenging time as it was with Covid. The...


English & Chinese-speaking 中文服務請找

Liliane Li

Settlement Coordinator or 778.708.2131


Diane Chan

Family and Settlement Coordinator or 604.506.2131


Wyman Chong

Family and Settlement Worker or 236.818.2581


For English and other languages

Eva Aboud

Community Connections Coordinator 


Maria Helena Morales (Spanish)

Family/Settlement Worker 


Erika Infante (Spanish)

Employment Specialist or 604.773.4769


Maysa Zahran (Arabic)

Arabic Programmer or 604.941.8064


Parvin Fatemi (Dari, Farsi, Azeri and Turkish)

Dari-speaking Settlement and Employment Worker or 236.833.4193 

Wanda Chow

Newcomer Language Facilitator or 236.818.2581  

Elena Orlova

Settlement Resource Connector  

Bejhes (Bejo) Barazanci

Settlement Program Assistant  

Mariela Banegas-Bochen

Settlement Program Assistant  

For Youth Settlement Services

Phoung Mai

Youth Settlement Coordinator or 604-561-9118

Tamara Han

‘YES CHEF!’ Coordinator, Drive Youth Employment Services or 778-919-0366

Liliane Li

Liliane Li

Settlement Coordinator

My name is Liliane Li, and I am from Mainland China. I grew up in a poor but friendly mountain village, and I completed high school in a fabulous boarding school. I started to work in a French joint venture company after graduation from university, and I worked as a Human Resources manager before I moved to Canada in 2006. I benefited from an open, innovative, growing, and full of hope environment, and I used to work at a fast pace in my home country.

I was lost when I had to start an entry-level job in Vancouver. I felt ashamed taking courses at an adult high school to improve my English. Yet I embraced the diversity and integrity in the new society, which allowed me to practice my English with whoever I met on the streets. I was very lucky to start my new career as a settlement worker after completing a community counselling program at VCC.

I joined the Frog Hollow settlement team in 2016. I enjoy my new learning journey every day and am grateful to work with a very supportive team that I learned to slow down. I am enthusiastic about helping people and connecting newcomers to different resources, supporting families that are experiencing a challenging time, and empowering new immigrants to integrate into local society. If you are newcomers, you are welcome to connect with us.

Nothing is impossible. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Maria Helena Morales

Maria Helena Morales

Family & Settlement Worker

My name is Maria Helena Morales. I grew up in Bogota Colombia with my parents and four siblings. Always passionate about children, education and supporting people and families. My background is in ECE, Educational Psychology, and General Psychology. I have also worked as a teacher focusing on young children for many years.

I came to Canada with my husband and my three wonderful children some time ago and after looking for a place where I could find my dream job, I came to Frog Hollow NH as a volunteer in one of the first language groups. I also worked as a childminder at the Satellite Daycare where I had a very special connection with the little children and with the amazing staff that I keep in my heart.

Later on, Family programs opened their arms and gave me the opportunity to work as a Family/Settlement worker supporting mainly my lovely Spanish-speaking community. I am also one of the facilitators in the family drop-in and La Colmena where my heart and passion for children make them my favourite programs. But I can’t put aside another beautiful program which has all my energy and dedication that I run with a marvellous volunteer. It is called “Alelies “. It is a Women (50+) group where connection, friendship, empowerment, personal growth, and support play a very important role.

I have also co-founded “Cacatua, a children’s entertainment initiative where I interact with puppets to have fun with little ones and see them smile.

I’m passionate, enthusiastic, compassionate, creative, empathetic and with a good sense of humour while trying to enjoy life in the best way possible.

Working with the community I have found the meaning of life. Helping and supporting others. Thank you Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House for being the place where I found it.

Maysa Zahran

Maysa Zahran

Arabic Programmer

I was born in Damascus and spent my childhood there.

My educational background is in mechanical engineering, and I worked in that field for 15 years at the historical Syrian railway station.

I’m married with 1 daughter and 2 sons. My family and I decided to immigrate to Canada in 2003 to better my family’s future. I began learning English, and then I studied early childhood education to support children and their families.

In 2015 I received a diploma in social services to assist vulnerable persons. In 2016, the influx of Syrian refugees moved me into the settlement sector to support and guide newcomer families. Thus, ever since 2017, I have joined the Frog Hollow Settlement team.

Moreover, some of my hobbies include travelling and discovering new places. I love yoga and have been practicing it for the past year. Finally, I love being outside and walking in nature.

Rocio Quevedo

Rocio Quevedo

Family Programmer and Volunteer Coordinator

Hola/Hello, I’m Rocio Quevedo, aka Chio, born in a little desert town in Mexico, where black widows, scorpions, and little lizards were our entertainment in the backyard.

As you can imagine living in Canada has been a culture shock, even after living here for more than a decade. I have my moments when I miss the desert sun. Yet, it has been a wonderful journey living in this part of the world.

After getting married to a Canadian and moving from Vancouver to Toronto, Toronto to Calgary, Calgary to Winnipeg, and Winnipeg to Vancouver, my mom is right by saying, “Mija, you are at the right place, with the right people”.

As a lover of nature and a former ESL teacher with a bachelor of arts in English language teaching, majoring in bilingual education, I am passionate to learn more about culture, languages, and everything that connects us and makes us human. This passion has walked me through many different paths in life, among them dance instructor and performer, cook and server, co-owner of distribution house, and educational assistant.

I feel so fortunate to be at Frog Hollow as Family Programmer and Volunteer Coordinator having my heart filled with love every day and being lucky enough to help people feel the same way.

I am a mother of a very fun, 5-year-old, little scientist, wife of my best friend, and furry mama of a 13-year-old maltipoo named Cheeks. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Erika Infante Pizarro

Erika Infante Pizarro

Newcomer Employment Specialist

Hi! My name is Erika Infante Pizarro.

I am the Newcomer Employment Specialist for the Working Opportunities for Women Program (WOW), coaching one-on-one pre-employment readiness assessment for newcomer immigrants and refugees. I am using models that clearly address the clients and give a sense of hope that they will be able to face and deal with whatever confusion they encounter on their career path.

I have 9 years of experience working in the non-profit sector as a Business Coordinator, Home
Visitor, Outreach Support Worker at PIRS. I have also been working with the ANH family.

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House was the first place to meet people and feel belonging to the
community as a new immigrant. I was the first generation of the Pathways Program in 2012 at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. As a result, I felt confident applying for my first not-for-survival job in the HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) Program, from which I later received the MOTHER MATTERS AWARD in 2016. The reward recognized prominent Canadian mothers who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to their communities as well as the courage and determination of hippy families and serve as models in leading social change.

I am happy to be part of Frog Hollow, completing the circle of my career by helping and welcoming
newcomers and guide them to success in the new Canadian life.

I am grateful to have a family. My spouse always supports me and my 2 little ones Adriana 12 years old, and Isabella, 8 years old.

Parvin Fatemi

Parvin Fatemi

Dari-speaking Settlement and Employment Worker

My Name is Parvin Fatemi; originally from Iran and moved to Canada in 2010. I speak and read 5 languages fluently (English, Farsi, Dari, Azeri and Turkish). I got my Master of Science in Midwifery in Iran. Since 2015 I have been working directly with people in settlement and re-settlement service settings and provided help to a wide variety of individuals from various cultural, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.

I enjoy working within the community, re-settlement and settlement services, helping the newcomer immigrant & refugee families, Youth and Seniors, determining what their needs are, and then finding the right services to match.

Now I have started my work with Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House as Dari speaking Settlement and Employment Worker. I have a very nice feeling starting this position with Frog Hollow and joining its wonderful team, in which I would contribute my knowledge and skills to support the vulnerable Afghan refugees.

“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working. ” – -Pablo Picasso.

Wanda Chow

Wanda Chow

Newcomer Language Facilitator

Hi there! My name is Wanda Chow. I am the Newcomer Language Facilitator for Working Opportunities for Women (WOW), a new Frog HollowEmploymentprogram for women who want to pursue a career in childcare. In this role, I will develop and teach the English language curriculum and also assist clients with employment advising.

I have over 10 years of experience as an ESL instructor in the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program. Most recently, I worked in Employment at MOSAIC as an ESL Specialist/Language Coach, where I developed curriculum and provided occupation specific language training to help women succeed in the senior healthcare sector. I am proud to say that for each of the three cohorts of women I helped teach, 100 percent of the clients who wanted employment were successful in landing a target job. In addition, I also substitute for six different LINC providers, such as Collingwood Neighbourhood House, ISS of BC and Douglas College. I also enjoy my work as a speaking examiner to rate English language ability.

In my life before children, I worked as a News Producer for CTV Television, CBC Radio and Global Television. I once worked under cover for a story. I had to pretend to rent a U-Haul van while secretly videoing the “bad guy” using a purse rigged up with a hidden camera slung across my 8-month pregnant belly!

As an ESL teacher, I really love making a genuine connection with my learners and seeing them blossom and gain confidence in their abilities. I like to read, swim, do yoga and meditate. I aim to create value from all experiences and transform them into ways to learn, grow and create happiness for myself and others. Last but definitely not least, I have a great husband, two children in their late teens, and a 13-month-old Labradoodle named Abby.

Wyman Chong

Wyman Chong

Family and Settlement Worker

My name is Wyman, and I came from Hong Kong and moved to Canada a few years ago.

I speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin fluently. I got my bachelor’s degree in Social Work in Hong Kong. In the past 7 years, I have served as a registered social worker in non-profit organizations in Hong Kong attached to different schools. I believed in person-centred therapy, worked with families and children in different areas such as welfare needs, parenting, and emotional and family issues, and offered supportive counselling and outreach.

I started my work with Frog Hollow Neighborhood House as a Family and Settlement Worker. I would be grateful to work with the last, the least and the lost within the community to improve their quality of life. I have a very nice feeling about starting this position with Frog Hollow and joining its wonderful team, where I would contribute my knowledge and skills to support vulnerable families.

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