All Seniors Welcome!

We welcome all seniors in our community to come and add to this lively space with their energy. Seniors can enjoy a wide range of activities from reading the papers, learning new skills, to cooking and exercising with their peers. Every day, Frog Hollow offers something for our seniors to be social, healthy and engaged. We also promote intergenerational activities and welcome all generations to participate. Please come visit us and learn about the variety of special events and ongoing programs!
Clinton Park Fieldhouse-P'ipam Lelum

Seniors Resource Fair

Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 10am – 1pm

Discover 0ver 20 local organizations showcasing invaluable resources and services catered specifically for seniors.

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2023 Feb Seniors Resource Fair

TAPS - Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors

The TAPS program aims to enhance the physical and mental well-being of older adults by offering therapeutic physical and recreational activities and nutritious lunches in a trusted social setting.


Social Prescribing Program


We partner with healthcare professionals to connect older adults with community-based active aging programs.

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Seniors' Tai Chi 108 長者太極108式

Mondays, 12:30-2 pm, in-person

Sept 18 – Dec 18, 2023, except Oct 2, 9 & Nov 13

Registration needed: 604-7660-5351 or 

Come and learn Tai Chi 108 moves taught by our facilitators Wilkie and Kim. Sessions are in person only at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House.

Seniors Dance Group

Tuesdays, 09:30am – 10:30 am, in-person

Sept 19 – Dec 19, 2023, except Oct 17 

Registration needed: 604-760-5351 or 

Come dance with us! This group is completely senior-led (by Suzy and Hui Lan) and is similar to a form of line dancing. All levels welcome! Sessions are in-person only at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

Knitting Group

Tuesdays, 10:45 am – 12:00 pm, in-person

Sept 19 – Dec 19, 2023, except Oct 17 

Registration needed: 604-760-5351 or 

Frog Hollow Seniors Knitting Group sends Warmth to the Community amid Pandemic. Read more>> 

Digital Literacy Support


One-on-one digital literacy support to empower older adults with digital skills. *Available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, Gujarati, Swahili, Punjabi, and Hindi.

Posters in Hindi & Punjabi

Information & Referral Services

OPEN & Long waitlist…

One-on-one support to assist older adults who need information & referral services. 

Words too small in poster? Read here!

Provide one-to-one information, referral, and personal advocacy support to older adults in:

  • Navigating public systems (i.e., federal benefits, provincial benefits, housing, transportation, finances, legal, income tax, health, employment, etc.)
  • Providing form filling services (i.e., OAS, GIS, CPP, SAFER, MSP, BC Bus Program for Seniors, BC Housing, etc.)
  • Making referrals to community-based services

*Available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian.

Clinton Park Fieldhouse-P'ipam Lelum

Multicultural Senior Advisory Committee


MSAC brings together passionate seniors to share their wisdom and knowledge and to advise on matters that impact the quality of life of older adults in the Frog Hollow community. Inquiries or sign-up? Contact

Spanish-speaking Women's Group 50+

A gathering space to connect, support, and empower 50+ women from the Spanish-speaking community. Know more>>

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June 15- WEAAD Event

Annual event to bring greater recognition to the mistreatment of older adults. Promote prevention activities that allow seniors in the community to live safely and with dignity.

2022 WEAAD event >>

2021 WEAAD Event >>


Seniors' Self-led Movement


Join us to share some movement with the group. Sessions are in-person at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House 

Neighbourhood House On the Go

We are bringing the neighbourhood house to you! Learn more>>

2023 Seniors Resource Fair

←  Back to Seniors ProgramJoin us at Seniors Resources Fair, back for the second time this year in collaboration with Kiwassa Neighbourhood House!  Date: WEDNESDAY, November 15, 2023Time: 10:00 AM - 01:00 PMLocation: Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, 2131 Renfrew St....

2023 Seniors Resource Fair

←  Back to Seniors ProgramWe believe that seniors should have the ability to live their best lives, and that starts with having access to the right information. Join us for a day of discovery and connection at our Seniors Resource Fair organized by NEVAAN (North East...

Knitting Intergenerational Connect

←  Back to Seniors ProgramOn October 28, Frog Hollow's Seniors Knitting Group welcomed volunteers, youth and staff from the Chinese Community Policing Centre 華人警訊服務中心 - 溫哥華 and Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre to have an intergenerational knitting workshop...

2022 Frog Hollow Holiday Hamper Support

Dear Community Member, We are seeking community support for our 2022 Frog Hollow Holiday Hamper Program. For nearly two decades, we have provided support and much-needed cheer to at least 40 families in our community each holiday season. Last year we were able to...

2021 Frog Hollow Holiday Hamper Support

Dear Community Member, We are seeking community support for our 2021 Frog Hollow Holiday Hamper Program. For over a decade, we have provided support and much-needed cheer to at least 40 families in our community each holiday season. Since 2009, we have seen increasing...

Frogs in the Park Fundraiser

We raised $3,288.5 for Family, Seniors, Food Security, Settlement & Waacus Salee Indigenous Programs at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House! We didn't reach our goal, but we wouldn't have been able to raise any money at all without your collective support:)  It's a...

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Webinar

←  Back to Seniors Program “Often the serious challenges facing older adults in our community are hidden and this increases their vulnerability, and here at Frog Hollow, we want to change that,” said Gary Dobbin, Executive Director of Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House....

#GivingTuesday to Support Seniors in Frog Hollow Community

←  Back to Seniors ProgramThank you for supporting us at the Seniors Team at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House and the seniors we serve on #GivingTuesday. Because of your generosity, we were able to raise over $5,000. By partnering with GIVE65, we received $5000 in...

“We Need Yarn. We Knit Warm.” Frog Hollow Seniors’ Knitting Group Send Warmth to the Neighbourhood this Winter

←  Back to Seniors ProgramThough the in-person knitting session remains closed due to the pandemic, our seniors find ways to keep knitting, and for a meaningful purpose! What's more precious than sending warmth to the neighbourhood with lovely toques and scarves In...

Youth Chefs Cook Hot-meals for Seniors during Covid-19

←  Back to Seniors ProgramOver 50 seniors received hot meals cooked by young people during the pandemic in 2020. All hot meals were delivered right to the doors for the elderly by Frog Hollow staff and volunteers. Some of the volunteers were seniors themselves. "Thank...

Useful Resources

  • Flipping Dementia on Its Ear Tool Kit : This toolkit was developed as part of a participatory action research project “Putting Social Citizenship into Practice: Reducing Stigma and Promoting Social Inclusion of People with Dementia”, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Know more>>

Seniors Programs Staff Team

Terence Chan

Interim Seniors Programs Coordinator


Manda Mok

Family and Seniors Programmer / 604.760.5351


Frida Choi

Community Programmer


Terence Chan

Terence Chan

Interim Seniors Program Coordinator

Hello, my name is Terence Chan and I am the interim Seniors Programme Coordinator.

I was first introduced to the Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House when I brought my children to the StrongStart programme at Lord Nelson Elementary circa 2013. Lisa, the facilitator at the time, was an early childhood educator formerly employed by Frog Hollow. Fast forward 8 years later, I was encouraged by my practicum supervisor and instructor at Langara to interview Lysandra Chan, our Seniors Programme Coordinator, with the sole purpose of gathering information for my paper. Life came full circle a year later when Lysandra turned the tables and invited me for an interview to gauge my readiness to take on her responsibilities during her maternity leave. Big shoes to fill indeed!

Before embarking on this professional journey at Frog Hollow, I wore many hats including a stint as a project coordinator at Latincouver working with local volunteers and volunteers from Latin America to launch the annual Carnaval del Sol event. Surprisingly, to this day, I still do not speak any Spanish or Portuguese (Hola/Olá does not count). I was also formally trained and worked as a health informatician for a number of years. However, a role that I cherished the most was being a stay-at-home father and primary caregiver of my 2 children. At times, it was all work with no breaks, especially during the infancy stage, although I enjoyed every moment of it. Apparently, all work and no play did not make me a dull boy.

Speaking of movie references, here is a fun fact about myself. During my high school days, I was a great student (feel free to insert all your Chinese student stereotypes) not only because I was a dutiful 1st-generation Chinese boy, but also because I had developed an uncanny discipline to focus on my studies by avoiding unnecessary eye contact with the charming and dreamy looker that was my locker neighbour. He was older, and I was so glad he finally left me alone by graduating and moving to America. His name? Ryan Reynolds. Yes, that Ryan Reynolds.

Manda Mok

Manda Mok

Family & Seniors Programmer

Hello, my name is Manda. I am a Family and Senior Programmer at Frog Hollow and I have lived in Canada for almost 40 years.

My journey with Frog Hollow started 19 years ago when I took my daughter to the Frog Hollow Family Drop-in program and became a volunteer! It felt great to be able to share with others what I knew and what I could do.

Afterwards, I was very grateful to have the opportunity to be hired and officially become a staff member at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. At Frog Hollow, I work with clients from newborns to persons over 100 years old, though mainly with seniors. My job is to provide guidance and support to them so they are engaged, social and connected with the community.

As a part of the Frog Hollow community, personally, I have a wish: in the next 10 years, all the seniors in this neighbourhood have basic technology skills and can connect with others without barriers. In the past two years, due to the pandemic, many elderly people have transformed from resisting to accepting learning technology skills. So, it is feasible and a realistic wish, although we are progressing in baby steps.

My hobbies are crafting, taking public transportation to discover new things around the town, and participating in community activities.

Frida Choi

Frida Choi

Community Programmer

Hello! My name is Frida Choi. I am a community programmer for senior programs at Frog Hollow. I will be supporting seniors directly, coordinating volunteers and facilitating senior programs.

Living with my grandparents, I had to start navigating Canadian government systems at a young age. I wanted to use this experience to help alleviate the stresses that my family and I went through trying to go through these convoluted processes. I volunteered with Frog Hollow supporting seniors for a year before I got hired!
I never imagined that work could be so fulfilling, and, as introverted as I am, how comfortable and happy I would be interacting with so many new people every day.  It is a great burden off my shoulders to know that my struggles earlier on in life paid off in more ways than one.
Everyone needs downtime though, and for me, I like spending time with my cat, playing video games, reading, and the occasional party!


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