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We welcome all seniors in our community to come and add to this lively space with their energy. Seniors can enjoy a wide range of activities from reading the papers, learning new skills, to cooking and exercising with their peers. Every day, Frog Hollow offers something for our seniors to be social, healthy and engaged. We also promote intergenerational activities and welcome all generations to participate. Please come visit us and learn about the variety of special events and ongoing programs!

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We’d like to share the story and the original words from one of the participants about this beautiful groupsmile

Thanks to FROG HOLLOW Neighbourhood House, one day a Latin-American women’s group (50+) called “ALELIS” had a space with the purpose of connecting, supporting, and empowering the members of the Latin community.


This opportunity was born in 2019 before the pandemic, to get together in person. When COVID-19 took over, we adapted the Zoom platform which was a perfect gift to handle this difficult time.  It was a challenge, but thanks to one of our facilitators who started the zoom meetings in April 2020. It has been amazing that today we have 16 participants who anxiously await each meeting.


Throughout the pandemic, our members can share, learn, and make new friends without having to go out or taking personal risks. We have had different types of art projects, read and discuss books together, do mind and body exercises, celebrate milestones, mourn together, and much more. We have done charitable activities, and also we have a variety of guest speakers.


Mostly, the group has given us all a special sense of belonging, creating new friendships, improving self-esteem and giving much support to each other. Each woman, with their own abilities, has made teamwork a priority. The group has gone further for the community and has collaborated with projects, for instance, painting cards in watercolour to be given to different groups of seniors for Thanksgiving, Christmas time and St Valentine. We did some knitting scarfs and hats and gathered gently used clothes to give out to women’s shelters.


We are proud of how our group, in a time of such uncertainty, has come together to create a strong community, a sense of belonging, and has given back to those in need around us. We are very thankful for this blessing and wonderful opportunity!


RCI [Reportaje] La amistad y la comunidad unen a estas hispanas de Vancouver

RCI [Report] Friendship and community unite these Hispanics from Vancouver

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