Our food philosophy is driven by values on Environmental Sustainability: we acknowledge our responsibility as a community leader to increase our awareness and expertise in the field of environmental sustainability locally and globally; we strive to incorporate practices that minimize our environmental footprint; we provide and facilitate leadership to the community in the journey towards a sustainable relationship with the environment.

Healthy Food Policy

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House believes in the power of good food. We believe good food has the power to build health, connect people, and inspire people to become engaged in issues that matter to them. FHNH is committed to providing healthy food at all programs, meetings and events. We will strive to provide food that provides good nutrition, is delicious, and is pleasurable to eat. In addition, we recognize the value of minimizing our environmental footprint in all of our practices. This means that we value food that is grown locally and is packaged in recyclable and/or compostable materials. We respect the healthy choices that people make, and understand that those choices may be informed by cultural and religious values and personal preferences.

Our principles

  • An understanding that food brings us together and can act as a vehicle for community building.
  • A recognition that all members of our community have a right to food based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, while also acknowledging that we as a community experience various levels of access to food.
  • A commitment to sharing fresh, non-expired, healthy, and locally produced food whenever possible.
  • A commitment to sharing food that is nutrient-dense, low in refined sugar and sodium, and not overly processed.
  • A commitment to working toward increased access to food for those who are nutritionally vulnerable.
  • A commitment to providing opportunities for increased food literacy and community capacity-building for our neighbors.
  • A commitment to sharing foods that reflect the diversity of our community, city, country and world.
  • An awareness of the impact that our food choices have on the environment.
  • A commitment to the reduction of our organizational ecological footprint by minimizing packaging, and continuing to compost.

Everyone has the right to secure food

Eva Aboud

Food Security Coordinator

Emergency Food Bags

Generating community resources to create food bags for families in need.

Gardeners' Hangout

A seasonal program. Visit our garden at Clinton Park. Come by to receive seeds, drink herbal tea from the garden and learn from the many health-benefit workshops we offer!  

Harvest Festival

An annual celebration of the harvest, including the famous vegetable contest from our neighbours’ backyard gardens. 2021 Harvest Festival is on Sept 10, Friday, 10am-1pm

Kids in the Kitchen

Intergenerational learning and cooking 


Community Kitchens

Engage people in the neighbourhood to learn food skills, preservations and healthy nutritional recipes.  

Clinton Park Fieldhouse-P'ipam Lelum

Summer Cooking Fun

A lot of fun food events to connect people of all ages in the neighbourhood. 

Community Partners

Get in Touch. Get Involved 

Be A Volunteer

Help out at our gardens. Asisst preparing meals or snacks for programs in the kitchen. Organise food bags. Support other food security needs.

*Limited volunteer opportunities due to Covid-19. 

Be A Sponsor

We accept donated and unexpired food, food gift cards, cash or cheques. 

Food Security Program Staff Team

Eva Aboud

Community Outreach Coordinator

Food Security Coordinator

Facility Manager


Carrie Yan

Family Programs Community Worker


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