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Our Preteen and Youth Services are designed to involve a young person throughout their development from their preteen to adolescence. Preteens can start participating in weekly after school programs at 10 years old, or be part of our Grade 7s transition preparation. Throughout high school, they can access a range of skills development programs and leadership opportunities to eventually become a youth leader in the community. Even in post-secondary, youth can continue their participation in various leadership capacities.

Preteen and Youth Programs

Preteen Program

Ages | 10-14 years old
Hours | Wed, Thurs 3:30-6:00, Friday 3:30-7:00
Location | Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House 2131 Renfrew St.
Contact | Rafif at 604.251.1225 or rafif@froghollow.bc.ca

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The Frog Hollow Preteen program works to engage students in a social environment by offering fun and supportive activities to gain life skills, social skills, & self respect.

After school drop-in offers:

  • Engaging workshops that deal with everyday life
  • Internet access
  • Video games
  • Homework help & Tutoring
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • High school transition
  • Diversity, culture & gender awareness

Small Grants

Ages | 15-30 years old who identify as BIPOC, disabled, 2SLGBTQIA+, newcomer, and/or low income

Hours | Tuesdays 5:00-7:00pm (Aug.1, 2023 – Oct. 31, 2023)

Location | Drive Youth Employment Services, 2106 Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

Contact | Gurjot at 672-335-3381 or gurjot@froghollow.bc.ca

*We will be taking in a second cohort in November, 2023 – so stay on the lookout for updates through our Instagram: @fh_youthservices!

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The Small Grants Program runs two times per year and gives opportunity to:

  • Plan and implement your own Community Action Project (CAP). 
  • Receive funds to implement your own uniquely designed project!

 Our program consists of 14 weekly sessions including:

  • In-group planning meetings
  • In-group workshops 
  • 1 optional celebration of achievement

+Individual check-ins with a social worker as needed.

 We will spend our time sharing dialogue and knowledge, building transferable skills as a collective, and learning about ourselves and our roles in community. Some examples of topics we will cover are: Community and Identity, Community Care, Project Planning, Budgeting, and Networking.

Scholarship & Bursary

Ages | Grades 11-12
Hours | Fridays at lunch
Location | Vancouver Technical Secondary School
Contact | Rosie at 604.251.1225 or Rosie@froghollow.bc.c

The Scholarship & Bursary Program targets youth graduating from Vancouver Technical Secondary School. A Youth Programmer provides:

  • 1:1 support with post-secondary applications
  • Resources for various scholarships and bursaries
  • Tours to local post-secondary institutions

Youth Settlement Program

Ages | Newcomers 10-18 years old
Hours | Weekdays & Saturdays, times
vary, please contact the coordinator for details
Location | Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, 2131 Renfrew St.
Contact | Rafif at 604.251.1225 or rafif@froghollow.bc.ca.
*Arabic speaking youth settlement workers on site
*Ages 19-30 one to one youth settlement workers on site

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The Youth Settlement Program offers newcomer youth a safe place to learn about Canadian culture and their community while forming multicultural friendships and practicing their English. Our activities include:

  • Practical skill development and other workshops on various topics of interest
  • Engaged workshops that deal with everyday life in Canada
  • Food preparation and culinary activities
  • Support services for post-secondary & career planning
  • Activities framed by social and emotional well-being
  • Homework support
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Internet access
  • Out–trips and community connections throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. 

Building A Safer Environment

Ages | 14-18 years old
Hours | Tues-Thurs at lunch
Location | Vancouver Technical Secondary School
Contact | Gurjot at 672-335-3381 or gurjot@froghollow.bc.ca

The BASE program addresses bullying, harassment and discrimination in high school through mentoring, workshops and events throughout the school year. Each school year, forty grade 11 and 12 students are trained as mentors and leaders then assigned to a grade eight homeroom. Through positive relationships between younger and older kids, the school climate is transformed into a safe and respectful space for all students.

To Apply:

  • Students must be registered at Vancouver Technical High School.
  • Up to 65 leaders are recruited in late April and early May for the following school year.
  • TRAINING OVER THE SUMMER: Every Wednesday from 5-7pm. For more information, please contact Orissa.

Youth Advisory Committee

Ages | Grades 9-12 & Alumni
Hours | Bi-weekly Tuesday 6:00-8:00
Location | Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, 2131 Renfrew St.
Contact |  Gurjot at 672.335.3381 or gurjot@froghollow.bc.ca

The Youth Advisory Committee is formed by youth in various youth programs in the community to advise, plan, lead events and projects for the youth in the community, as well as, create the best project possible with the support of Frog Hollow Youth program staff.  The committee provides young people a forum to voice their needs and gives them an opportunity to make a difference in their community. Projects vary from fund raising ideas to supporting social issues in the community.

YES CHEF! Program

Ages | 15-30 years old
Eligibility | Permanent Residents & Convention Refugees
Hours | Wednesdays & Fridays, pls contact the coordinator for details on the next cohort
Location | Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, 2131 Renfrew St.
Contact | phuong@froghollow.bc.ca or 604 561 9118

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YES CHEF! is a cooking and baking employment preparation program for newcomer youth aged 15-30.

This program is for youth who want to learn more about food production and gain skills to acquire sustainable employment. We offer a 8-week in-person and virtual program where youth are able to learn and develop new skills. This program is split into two phases, the first phase (4 weeks) consists of food skills training where youth learn the basics (ex. Knife skills, flavours, baking, etc.,) The second phase (4 weeks) is composed of food production training where you will get real-life experience in a commercial kitchen. Throughout the 8 weeks, youth also get help with employment preparation and settlement support, provided both 1:1 and in groups. Youth receive honorarium payments depending on the type of session attended, with the opportunity to earn up to $400 throughout the program.

YES CHEF!’s partnerships with local food industry professionals provide youth inspiration, insight into the food industry, and connections for potential employment. Participating in YES CHEF! is also a great way to meet new people who share the same passion for food, practice English, and have fun.

The next cohort application starting May 23, 2023. 

For application referral form and more information, check out: https://www.froghollow.bc.ca/programs-services/settlement/settlement-youth-yes-chef/

Follow us on Instagram: YES CHEF!

Indigenous Youth Employment Program (IYEP)

Ages | 17-29 years old
Hours | Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10am – 330pm
Location | In-person at Drive Youth Employment Services and placements in the community
Contact | Natasha Johnson at tasha@froghollow.bc.ca 

The Indigenous Youth Employment Program (‘IYEP’) is a 5-month program for First Nations/Métis/Inuk youth ages 16-29 interested in gaining foundational employment skills and practical work experience with 1:1 and group training.  

The program is split into 2 phases:  

  • Phase 1 (8 weeks) is a diverse and intentionally designed series of workshops aimed at preparing and training participants for attaining and maintaining employment 
  • Phase 2 (3 months) is a paid work experience with a trusted community partner, or option to find work/start training outside of the program, with continued group training, financial aid, and 1:1 support up to 3 months post Phase 1. 

Participants will receive honorariums for achieving Progress Markers such as completing Phase 1, attaining work/starting training, and completing 3 months of employment/training.  

Participants can expect a small group setting (6-8 participants per cohort) for workshops, with weekly 1-1 support as needed. We have a Registered Social Worker on staff. As participants phase out of their placements, they are invited to work with a dedicated Employment Counsellor at Drive Youth Employment Services, to support them in the next steps of their employment, career, or education/training. 


Applications for the Spring-Summer 2024 are NOW OPEN!  

  • Reserve your spot for the IYEP Open House here 
  • Apply for IYEP Spring-Summer Cycle 12 here 
  • Check out IYEP’s website here 


Participants must be able to commit to the 8-week Phase 1 training. 

Phase 1: Monday April 22 – June 21 (includes a break week) 

3 days per week: Monday Wednesday Friday 10am-3pm* 

*schedule subject to minor changes 
*no classes on stat holidays 



Natasha Johnson 

Program Coordinator 
Indigenous Youth Employment Program 

e-mail tasha@froghollow.bc.ca for more info, or to be added to email list 

Funding provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.

Make It!

Ages | 15-30 years old
Hours | Thursday Afternoons
Location | Drive Youth Employment Services, 2106 Commercial Drive
Contact | Robin at 604.889.8463 or robin@froghollow.bc.ca

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Make It! is a Therapeutic art based program for youth ages 15-30 who may need support with employment, identify as living with a disability (including mental health challenges).  Free supported group art therapy sessions every Thursday afternoon.   1-1 support and counselling available, community art projects and murals with honorariums.   

Frames Film Program

Ages | 16-30 years old
Hours | Once a week with weekend shoots
Location | Drive Youth Employment Services, 2106 Commercial Drive
Contact | Amanda at 250.878.2405 or amanda@froghollow.bc.ca

Frames utilizes film as a medium to provide training, support, and voice to Aboriginal youth and their peers overcoming barriers. Operating out of Drive Youth Employment Services, a Registered Social Worker and Film Instructor facilitate three program cycles each year. Each cycle 15+ youth and mentors provide peer support; gain life skills and film training; and collaborate to conceptualize, film and edit stories for community change. At the end of each cycle, films are screened at a community graduation event and uploaded to social media.For more information, check out Frames!

Drive Youth Employment Services

Ages | 16-30 years old
Hours | Mon-Fri, 10:00-4:30, Closed between 12:00-1:00
Location | Drive Youth Employment Services, 2106 Commercial Drive
Contact | Rosie at 604.253.9675 or rosie@froghollow.bc.ca

Drive Youth Employment Services (DYES) is Frog Hollow’s youth satellite on Commercial Drive. Operating under the WorkBC model, Drive supports approximately 500 youth ages 16-30 each month. Free and confidential services include: 1:1 case management, resource room services, professional counseling, referrals to community programs,  training opportunities, paid placements, volunteer opportunities, job development, and financial assistance. For more information, check out DYES!

Staff Contacts

Drive Youth Employment Services Program Coordinator
Rosie at 604.253.9675 / rosie@froghollow.bc.ca

Youth Settlement Coordinator
Rafif at 604.251.1225 / rafif@froghollow.bc.ca

FRAMES Program Coordinator
Amanda at 250.878.2405 / amanda@froghollow.bc.ca

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