Frog Hollow empowers local residents in Hastings-Sunrise to improve our community together.

We do this by providing ongoing programs and services and by supporting various community development initiatives. We hope to see you soon!

Our Mission

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House plays a leadership role in creating our community together by connecting people and strengthening their capacity to create change.

Our Values


We empower volunteers through skill building and mentorship because we recognize volunteerism builds community through fostering participation and citizenship.


Our staff and volunteers strive to include and respect all aspects of a person’s diversity in all that we do.

We model leadership in our community and facilitate the development of leadership for children, youth, adults, seniors and community partners and promote organizational collaboration.

We adopt compassion in our practice by using it as a lens for looking at issues, encouraging its development, and committing to a shared journey toward compassion.

Innovation and Creativity
We nurture an environment that encourages new ideas and initiatives and the use of everyone’s talents and strengths in all areas of programming and services, and we embrace the struggle inherent in change and innovation.

Healthy Communities
We strive to incorporate practices that support the physical, social, and emotional well being of our staff, participants, and community members in all aspects of our work.

Openness and Accountability
We maintain honest, effective and accountable relationships with the individuals, communities and organizations with which we work.

Environmental Sustainability
We acknowledge our responsibility as a community leader to decrease our environmental footprint and increase our awareness and expertise in the field of environmental sustainability locally and globally.


Organizational Excellence
We foster a work environment that supports professional development, growth, creativity, self reliance, mutual support, humor and a healthy work-life balance through progressive employment policies and practices.

Our Story


1968 – History of Frog Hollow

East Vancouver was considered the more affordable area to live even then, in a province that had a population that just topped 2 million. It has been traditionally home to lower-income, working-class families characterized by a diverse mix of cultures and lifestyles [1]. In 1968, the most notable building being developed on the “East Side” was the Pacific Coliseum where, that same year, musician Jimi Hendrix rocked the stage with his innovative rock/jazz sound in front of thousands of passionate Vancouver fans.



From a small bog near Skeena Terrace Housing Complex, large families of singing frogs were serenading one another. Their croaks were clear, strong, and undeniably irritating to the local residents, but paralleled the underlying struggles of the community.  A group of concerned citizens came together at Skeena Terrace to brainstorm an action plan that would raise funds for community programs, focusing on the support of local families and alleviating the challenges of day-to-day life. Driven by their grassroots spirit and a shared dream, this team successfully raised their voices and garnered support to get the Thunderbird Community Centre built. With inspiration from their local amphibian neighbours, they appropriately named themselves the “Frog Hollow Neighbourhood Group.”

1977 – Movement and Evolution


In 1977 Frog Hollow joined the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of Greater Vancouver. From their humble beginnings in the 60’s, and congruent with the values of the original Frog Hollow Neighbourhood Group, the new “Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House” helped grow the vision by establishing public recreation programs, nurseries for working parents, ESL and adult-literacy classes. It also introduced social workers to strengthen support for the community and participation in the programs flourished.

1985 - Separate and Distinct

Frog Hollow completed construction of its current facility on Renfrew Street at 5th Avenue to meet the growing needs of the community. The new location introduced a preschool, after-school programming and a part-time Family Support Worker. Small grants allowed for the addition of a community law office, youth services and self-run seniors programs. This was a time of significant contribution from the seniors community. Under the leadership of Pak Lee, seniors developed a Seniors Lounge with many social and educational activities.  Three self-run senior groups began and continue to this day.

In 1994, a small staff of approximately 12 welcomed Gary Dobbin as the new Executive Director. Frog Hollow grew rapidly over the next two years and began to expand its services to include a full-time youth worker, an off-site Daycare, ESL classes, a youth employment program and family support through the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC).

2001 - Growing Taller, Growing Stronger

Frog Hollow has grown through seasons of challenge in steady, incremental steps with the support of devoted staff and volunteers and through government funding, foundational grants and corporate partnerships. In 2001, Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House celebrated the opening of a second-floor addition to their main facility. This increased their capacity for service to their neighbourhood by adding programs for family support, youth and childcare, and an expanded emphasis on building community capacity.

Today - Deeply Rooted for Future Growth

Frog Hollow currently operates through 9 sites with a staff of over 100 dedicated individuals. People who know the Neighbourhood House believe Frog Hollow is an integral part of the fabric of the local community, and that by participating in Frog Hollow, they are making a positive impact in people’s lives. One of the hallmarks of Frog Hollow is its welcoming of everyone in the community, people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. With a current budget of about $3.2 million, Frog Hollow’s consistent commitment to its diverse community with varying needs is making sure every penny is used wisely.

With a long history of service to the Hastings-Sunrise Neighbourhood, Frog Hollow continues working hard to support local residents in developing skills and gaining the knowledge necessary to identify common issues and address those issues. In Hastings-Sunrise, Frog Hollow’s goal of enabling residents to enhance their lives and strengthen their community remains strong and true.

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