Through immersing themselves in a dynamic environment, students gain real-world experience, nurturing their personal and professional growth while contributing to the vibrancy of the local community.

Practicum Placement at Frog Hollow

Through partnerships with various local and international colleges and universities, Frog Hollow offers practicum opportunities for students pursuing diverse academic backgrounds, primarily in fields such as social work, social services, social policy, nursing and more.

We aspire to offer students practical experience within a community setting, enhancing their understanding of social work, social services, social policy, and related fields. Through immersing themselves in a dynamic environment, students gain real-world experience, nurturing their personal and professional growth while contributing to the vibrancy of the local community.

Practicum students are immersed in the day-to-day activities of Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, engaging with a wide range of population groups spanning across the age spectrum. From infants to families, newcomers to seniors, students gain exposure to real-world scenarios and challenges that help them develop practical problem-solving skills and cultural competency.

Qualities we seek in students: self-initiative, independence, enthusiasm for learning through observation and active participation in a community setting, ability to appreciate the value of diverse experiences, adaptability to a dynamic, fast-paced, and multicultural environment, openness to understanding work culture in Neighbourhood Houses (NHs), and a willingness to engage in hands-on activities. These activities may include tasks such as making coffee, setting up tables, and moving carpets, among others.

Frog Hollow Practicum Program Overview by Frog Hollow Communications

My valuable experience with Frog Hollow allowed for numerous opportunities for personal learning to take place. The practicum allowed me to step outside my comfort zone, challenging me while allowing me to put my passions for community service and relationship-building into action. This rewarding experience allowed me to develop my social work skills and connect with the community in meaningful ways. By supporting a variety of programs and taking part in different learning activities in a span of six months, I have gained a better understanding of community social work and the vital role of neighbourhood houses in building community. Learn more about my experience here >>

Christian San Juan

Bachelor of Social Work Program, University of British Columbia, 2024

During my almost two months at Frog Hollow, the employees were very caring, warm and inspiring to me every day. In particular, I will never forget being part of the National Indigenous Peoples’ Day event from start to finish. Not knowing what was the best thing to do from a non-Indigenous perspective, I was still able to experience almost the entire process of planning the day, preparing for and carrying it out, after many proposals and thought processes. I was also able to experience creating an event for the community with an awareness of a decolonial mindset with respect and reverence for Canada’s First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples. Ultimately, the event was a huge success. The most wonderful thing about Frog Follow was that I was allowed to participate and work just like everyone else. There was no hierarchy. People from all the organizations I worked with respected my opinion and being there. Everyone was very kind and generous. I felt that an anti-oppressive feminist perspective and a decolonial perspective and values permeated the organization, and I could see every day that everyone was genuinely well-meaning and working to be a help to the community. If you want to be a social worker, a community support worker, or a counsellor, and if you want to learn about what decolonization and reconciliation with Indigenous people means, I would encourage you to come here, spend time at Frog Hollow, explore and apply what you are learning at school. The organization has a lot of programmes to learn and experiences to gain in a very safe and caring environment that will help you fulfil your potential. I would strongly encourage other interns to come to Frog Hollow and experience what I have experienced.

Keiko Kitamori

Family and Community Counselling Program, Native Education College, 2023

I feel very grateful for the opportunity to do my practicum at Frog Hollow. It allowed me to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to various settings: I worked in a few programs at Frog Hollow as well as at Drive Youth Resource Room. I was able to understand the role of a neighbourhood house in the community and experience the variety of services that it delivers to people. I practiced different skills of a community organizer, such as active listening, supporting, facilitating, planning, and empowering people. Having an opportunity to work with different groups: seniors, youth, newcomers, and children, helped me to understand what I group I want to focus on in my social service worker career in the nearest future. During my practicum, I felt very cared for and appreciated by my supervisor and all the staff. Watching people do their work with dedication, passion, and love, really inspired me and made me think that I chose the right profession. I enjoyed being a part of Frog Hollow for 5 weeks and I wish my practicum lasted longer, because there is so much more to learn and experience in this wonderful place!

Elena Orlova

Social Services Worker Program, Langara College, 2023

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