Angeline Day joined us this summer as the Community Programmer(Canada Summer Job) supporting Family, Seniors, Settlement, Food Security and Waacus Salee Programs at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House.

Besides working with Frogs in the Park programming, she was our main facilitator for “Connecting with Indigenous Peoples & Culture“, a 6-part workshop series introducing Indigenous history and culture to our newcomers in the Frog Hollow community.  Let’s hear what Angeline says about her experience working with newcomers this summer:

My experience with facilitating the 6-part series of Indigenous history and cultural workshops with newcomers has been a rewarding feeling. I’ve been the main facilitator in educating newcomers on foundational information they should know about Indigenous Peoples in Canada and how colonization has impacted their way of life, culture, language, and health. Seeing them absorb the information and relay it back in closing is a great feeling. These types of workshops create a better understanding of the Indigenous Peoples of this land and the past and present issues which are still negatively impacting our people today. Through questions, discussion circles and cultural exchange with the newcomers’ program has been an eye-opening experience for both me and participants, where cultural commonalities with Indigenous peoples and newcomers have been found- this was exciting! As well, the newcomers have gained a much better positive understanding of Indigenous peoples and their experiences they continue to face.

It is important to continue educating the public to create more allies to help stand with and support Indigenous peoples with the many challenges and injustices they face.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to do this work.

Hopefully these types of workshops can continue into the future on a regular basis by Indigenous facilitators, so we as a community are continuing this good work that is much needed.

Question: In what ways do you think this type of workshop could help immigrants/newcomers in Canada?

From these workshops will help immigrants and newcomers become supporters and allies for Indigenous peoples which we need more of. I think this workshop could help immigrants and newcomers by giving them valuable information which many of them do not know or heard of. A lot of the newcomers knew nothing about colonization, Indigenous peoples or their historical hardships they have faced.

There was mention of some incorrect stereotypes about Indigenous peoples which need to be corrected and they were shocked when they found out it was untrue.

Many people are not aware of the history of colonization and the results of it including displacement from land and food and how that was a major impact on our communities. As well, the various injustices which happened and continue to happen to Indigenous peoples today. This workshop will equip newcomers with basic knowledge that is not taught anywhere else, coming directly from an Indigenous person and in a setting which allows for asking questions and cultural teachings/exchange.

Question: Do you think this type of workshop could benefit Indigenous communities in any way?

By educating the public on the history of colonization in Canada and Indigenous history and culture, will benefit the Indigenous communities by breaking negative stereotypes of Indigenous peoples and giving the public a better understanding of who the Indigenous peoples are and the experiences they have faced. A clearer and positive awareness is created, leaving them wanting to learn more and curious about how to support Indigenous peoples.

Angeline Day

Angeline Day

Frog Hollow Canada Summer Job Student - Community Programmer

Hello everyone! My name is Angeline, and I am the Community Programmer at Frog Hollow Neighborhood House for the summer(2022). I’m a member of the Oneida Nation and have Jamaican ancestry. I was born and raised here in Vancouver on the unceded lands of the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh Peoples. I am in my final year of university studying Sociology and Indigenous Studies. I have been living in this neighborhood for over 14 years and have attended youth leadership programming at Frog Hollow in high school. Fast forward to today, I am incredibly thankful to be able to work with this amazing team and organization over the summer making new meaningful connections with community!

In my free time, I enjoy being with family and friends, going to community events, learning new skills and more about my Indigenous history and culture. I look forward to socializing and meeting new people in the community. I will be facilitating and teaching as part of the 6 series of workshops on Indigenous history with the Newcomer’s Program. The first session was a great success, and I am excited to see it all play out. I am passionate about trying new things, teaching, and helping others. I am looking forward to a great sunny summer learning all I can and meeting all of you!

Yaw^ko! (Thank You in Oneida)


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