settlement services / 移民安顿服务 / خدمات الإسکان و الاستقرار / servicios de asentamiento

We understand that settling in a new place and making it home for you and your family is a challenging and long process. No matter where you are from or how long it has been since you arrived in Canada, we welcome all newcomers to access support services and community involvement opportunities here at Frog Hollow. Our programs are designed to help you successfully navigate the stages towards citizenship and further on, for your longterm wellbeing and participation in society.

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Settlement and Employment Services in Dari

Who| Refugees from Afghanistan

Date| Monday to Friday

Time| By appointment

Location| Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
2131 Renfrew Street (at 5th avenue) or online via Zoom

Contact|Parvin Fatemi, Dari-speaking Settlement and Employment Worker

Office: 604-251-1225 Cell: 236-833-4193

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House is launching Dari-speaking Settlement and Employment Services to support Afghan refugees to get their life started in Canada.

In response to the federal government’s commitment to assisting 40,000 vulnerable Afghan nationals’ resettlement in Canada, Frog Hollow Settlement Team is working together with the wider Canadian community to provide practical resettlement and integration services.

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Parvin Fatemi

Parvin Fatemi

Dari-speaking Settlement and Employment Worker

My Name is Parvin Fatemi; originally from Iran and moved to Canada in 2010. I speak and read 5 languages fluently (English, Farsi, Dari, Azeri and Turkish). I got my Master of Science in Midwifery in Iran. Since 2015 I have been working directly with people in settlement and re-settlement service settings and provided help to a wide variety of individuals from various cultural, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.

I enjoy working within the community, re-settlement and settlement services, helping the newcomer immigrant & refugee families, Youth and Seniors, determining what their needs are, and then finding the right services to match.

Now I have started my work with Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House as Dari speaking Settlement and Employment Worker. I have a very nice feeling starting this position with Frog Hollow and joining its wonderful team, in which I would contribute my knowledge and skills to support the vulnerable Afghan refugees.

“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working. ” – -Pablo Picasso.

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