In the vibrant communities of East Vancouver, where diverse cultures intertwine, a journey of transformation began for Saeed, a newcomer seeking a fresh start in Canada. Originally from Iran, Saeed boasts an impressive 15+ years of experience as an Industrial Engineer. However, navigating the intricate paths of Canadian employment proved to be more challenging than he had anticipated.

Little did he know that his path would intersect with Parvin and Erika, two dedicated settlement program staff members from Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. Their guidance and support would pave the way for his empowerment and success.

Saeed’s journey commenced with an unassuming encounter at a local library, where he stumbled upon Parvin, a Dari-speaking Settlement and Employment Worker at Frog Hollow. Through their interactions, Parvin’s genuine enthusiasm quickly established a meaningful connection with Saeed, leading him to explore the multifaceted opportunities offered Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, particularly those centered around job search strategies, resume crafting, and cover letter preparation.

Saeed soon found himself eagerly attending programs such as Settlement and Employment Workshop series, etc. It wasn’t just the content of the workshops that left a lasting impact; it was also the personal touch that Parvin infused into each interaction. As a newcomer herself, she deeply understood the challenges newcomers face in a foreign land and addressed those challenges with empathy and wisdom.

During one of Parvin’s workshop series, Saeed’s path crossed with Erika, the guest speaker of the workshop and the Newcomer Employment Specialist at Frog Hollow. This connection marked a pivotal moment in his pursuit of meaningful employment. Through both in-person and online follow-up sessions, Erika illuminated the complex art of crafting an impactful resume, cover letter and conducting job searches in Canada. Saeed recalls Erika’s presentations “were among the most powerful things I have (ever) seen”.

As Saeed began submitting his revised resume, the impact of the workshops became evident. “While submitting and sending a resume generally goes without a response from the employer, it reaches the stage of receiving a response. It even led to a request for a telephone interview!” His application, now bolstered by the insights and techniques shared by the Employment workshops, garnered positive responses and ultimately led to an opportunity with HomeDepot. The welcoming Home Depot teams and professional training have boosted Saeed’s confidence and led to daily improvements in his position.

Saeed’s journey was far from a solo endeavor; it was a collaborative effort between him, Parvin, Erika and a team of Settlement Workers at Frog Hollow. It is a testament to the transformative power of dedicated individuals and purposeful community programs. Through Frog Hollow’s one-on-one settlement services and comprehensive Employment Workshops, Saeed not only acquired tangible skills but also gained the confidence to embrace his new beginnings. Today, Saeed enjoys his job at Home Depot. He stands tall as a shining example of how genuine support and guidance can turn challenges into opportunities and dreams into reality.

(Photo: Saeed working at HomeDeopt, wearing their uniform)

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