We acknowledge that we still have a lot to learn, and there is room for improvement. We invite you to join in our journey of truth and reconciliation, decolonization and indigenization.

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Rerooting: Art Workshops Series

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REROOTING Art Showcase happening in February 2022!

Over the past year, the REROOTING art workshop series has engaged Indigenous artists to connect with the community through a series of community art projects. During these workshops, Indigenous artists facilitated intercultural dialogues and created art that built connections between newcomers and the Indigenous community. Through art, they broke through language barriers and built trust and understanding across cultures.

We are grateful to have the involvement of artists Charlene Johnny, Leonard ‘Tiger’ Williams, Kallfümalen – Sussan YáñezAaniya Asrani and Atheana Picha.

The REROOTING art workshop series continues throughout January and February in 2022, culminating in an Art Showcase event at the end of February which will take place at the Clinton Park Fieldhouse.

This showcase will celebrate the art and stories gathered throughout the past year and honour the people who took part in this project.

Stay tuned for more details!

Landscapes:Translating memories

Led by Jaz Whitford

Loom weaving

led by Chrisse Oleman

The Mural

led by Jerry Whitehead


led by Jessica Seegerts

 We are grateful to have Jessica, her beautiful family members and friend show us how to make a rawhide rattle.

Read the story, watch the video and make one of your very own

Learn more about making a raw hide rattle

Read the beautiful story of building connection virtually through rattle-making


led by Jessica Seegerts

We are so thankful to have Jessie share with us her medicine-bag-making teachings. Enjoy!

Learn more about medicine bags from Jessica Seegerts


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