A Rich Image of the Educator

Inspired by Louise Malaguzzi’s view of education, our educators at Frog Hollow Children Centre see education as holistic – “not only teaching, but assistance with the psychological growth and maturity of every human being” (Loris Malaguzzi and the Schools of Reggio Emilia, A Selection of his Writings & Speeches, 2016).

“Rich” children demand rich intelligence and curiosity in others, including a highly advanced capacity for fantasy, imagination, learning and culture and an accompanying “rich” image of educator is necessary to meet these requirements

At Frog Hollow’s Children Centres, we highly value our educators, respecting and appreciating their curiosity and intelligence. We recognize that the job of an educator is far beyond “child-minding”. It is, in fact, a profession of high value; a life opportunity to become a “producer of knowledge”, making education something that is timely, relevant and responsive to the experiences of children, parents and communities.

Our educators hold a strong image of self, maintaining a practice that is open to uncertainty, committed to exercising democracy and keen on raising children with a rich image of self, who are loved and free of limitations of the many challenging influences of our society.

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