CAPC- Community Action Program for Children

The Community Action Program for Children or CAPC supports families with children from birth to six years old. We work with families to promote the health and well-being of young children and infants. Our programs include fun and educational activities such as family drop-in programs, parent education courses, parent-led groups and information and referral services.

We are inviting you to be part of our monthly FAST Meetings!

These FAST (Families and Staff Team) meetings bring together a group of families who participate in Drop-in Programs in the CAPC Coalition (named as “Families Branching Out“) made up of four agencies: Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, Collingwood Neighbourhood House, Thunderbird Community Centre, and Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House.

Once a month, the Families and Staff Team (FAST) Committee will gather with other parents to decide on joint activities for families and help shape the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC).

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2022 Annual CAPC Parent Conference

“This conference is very useful and interesting. It has been designed to (em)power women & families with knowledge and fun” – from a CAPC Conference participant.

Over 100 parents, caregivers, children and youths participated in our Annual CAPC Parent Conference on June 12th. From learning how to talk to children about difficult topics to showcasing talents and artworks at Gallery Walk and Talk, participants spent a fruitful day together recharging, self-caring, relaxing and having fun.

Workshops were facilitated by FAST Committee parents and talented community members: Making Beeswax Wraps by Rachel, Restorative Yoga by Alexandra, and Self-care workshop by our long-term volunteer Jacqueline. The Gallery Walk included a presentation on upcoming Neighbourhood Small Grants events, traditional Chinese sweet soup by a participant of the Pathways to Leadership Program, and a mirror art piece named “Solace” created by Ci Ci Bear. Families enjoyed lunch together before the events of the day, thanks to Lorraine from Thunderbird and the help of a wonderful volunteer, Sandra. Childcare was provided so that all parents could fully participate in the Conference activities.

“A lot of the initiatives came from our FAST Committee Parents, from activity design to the theme of the Conference, we simply could not make it happen without their dedicated support “, says Diane Chan, the Family and Settlement Coordinator from Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House.

This event was hosted at Thunderbird Community Centre, the site of one of our CAPC Coalition partners. Families Branching Out CAPC Coalition comprises four organizations: Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, Collingwood Neighbourhood House, Thunderbird Community Centre and Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House.

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