Listen to Antje Ellerman, Jess Seegerts and Ancel Zhu talking about their journey with “Belonging in Unceded Territory” project. 

📻 “Belonging in Unceded Territory” Season 4, Episode 1, is hosted and produced by UBC former graduate student and the Centre’s new Research Manager, Programs and Initiatives, Gabriele Dumpys Woolever.

Canada is lauded for its multiculturalism and being a welcoming host society to migrant newcomers.

But discourses around settlement and integration tend to ignore the realities of Canada’s status as a settler colonial state. What would it mean to take seriously the fact that these are Indigenous lands – in some cases, unceded lands – to which Canada has no right to offer welcome?

Can practices of immigration and settlement be reconciled with the possibility of decolonization? These are the questions that brought together partners in Coast Salish territories – or, Vancouver, BC – for a multi-year research collaboration called “Belonging in Unceded Territory.”

With newcomer and Indigenous community members from Frog Hollow Neighborhood Housemigration scholars from UBC, and staff from Immigrant Services Society of BC and the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC, space is being made for new narratives of belonging.

What will they be?

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