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June 1-7, 2020 is B.C. Seniors’ Week ✨

We want to share an uplifting story of Frog Hollow Wellness Connectors to celebrate our seniors and their resilience, wisdom and contributions throughout communities and across generations.

Since the lockdown, the Wellness Connectors of Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, many of whom are in their 70s, have supported 40 seniors via friendly voice or video calls to make sure they are doing ok.

“I feel really valued you all care so much about me,” says a senior in her mid-80s who receives check-in calls from the Wellness Connector.

The Wellness Connectors checks in on the seniors, making sure that they have all they need and connecting back to staff from Frog Hollow to support further if needed.

A total of 48 senior volunteers were trained as the Wellness Connectors from a program co-funded by United Way and Community Action Initiative Grant in 2016 United Way of the Lower Mainland.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, they led activities such as Community Slow Walk with the Neighbourhood House on the Go tricycle. They engaged isolated elderly neighbours and connected them to Frog Hollow’s support services.

We are grateful to have such wonderful Wellness Connectors to continue to support the community during this uncertain time.

Thank you, and you are wonderful.🌷✨

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