Strong Relationships

Trusting relationships are the foundation of our programs at Frog Hollow Children Centres.

Our educators cherish their shared experiences with the children and their families and see them as their partners in programming and learning.

Children and educators build natural, trusting bonds through their co-learning relationships. Educators are no longer passive figures with authority, but engaged playmates who respect their thoughts and are genuinely interested in their ways.

Families are engaged in policy development, program planning and day–to-day challenges and discoveries. Their vital role in their children’s lives are acknowledged and respected and their expertise is not only welcomed but required for the success of the program.

Children and educators recognize the importance of the community and work hard to find ways to contribute.

Learning partnerships and group projects encourage ongoing negotiations and communications, leading to intimate, ever-lasting friendships amongst the children.

Respect, love, trust and shared experiences are the heart of our programs and we treasure our relationships with our children, families & the community.


Everyday Stories

This afternoon I was playing with a group of boys building and battling Lego Beyblades. We all planned out our Beyblade and carefully built our best one to challenge with. The boys were MUCH faster and MUCH more precise with their building then I seemed to be. I spent a fair bit of time trying to make something that could actually compete with them. Just as I was finishing my Beyblade… slipped out of my hands and fell to the floor! All that work …. shattered into pieces! I sighed with a slow exhale….and obviously looked defeated. And just when all was lost….a small hand was placed on my shoulder, and I heard Linden say…”Oh Mike…..I am so sorry for you.” And I looked up to see Linden’s eyes FILLED with heartfelt compassion towards me. He then said “…..I feel very badly for you…..” I slowly smiled as he said “…if you want to use mine I will share with you…just ask.” I was amazed at how deeply he seemed to care. I thanked him and offered him some of my special pieces for his. I’m not even sure I’ve captured this moment effectively enough with words, but it helped to remind me that our boys are very caring and compassionate people…sometimes we just need to be vulnerable enough to see and receive it. (from Kidsworld School Age Program) 

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