settlement services / 移民安顿服务 / خدمات الإسکان و الاستقرار / servicios de asentamiento

We understand that settling in a new place and making it home for you and your family is a challenging and long process. No matter where you are from or how long it has been since you arrived in Canada, we welcome all newcomers to access support services and community involvement opportunities here at Frog Hollow. Our programs are designed to help you successfully navigate the stages towards citizenship and further on, for your longterm wellbeing and participation in society.


The ‘YES CHEF!’ program is Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House’s cooking and baking training program for newcomer youth aged 15-30 who are Permanent Residents or Convention Refugees. This program helps youth learn more about food production and gain skills to acquire sustainable employment, via an 8-week in-person and virtual program. We can help youth find employment in diverse positions within food production, or in other areas according to their interests! Up to $500 is available for program attendance.

We are looking for four youth to join this 8-week career development opportunity, which includes

  • 🍳4-week food skills training: Where youth learn basic food skills (ex. knife skills, flavours, baking, etc.,)
  • 🍳4-week food production and catering training: the second phase is composed of food production training where youth get workplace experience in the kitchen at the Gathering Place Community Centre as well as, catering training at Frog Hollow
  • On-going employment and settlement support throughout the 8 weeks: Youth also get help with employment preparation, settlement needs, financial literacy, workplace rights, and basic FoodSafe skills, with workshops provided both 1:1 and in groups.

YES CHEF!’s partnerships with local food industry professionals and other employers provide youth inspiration, insight into the food industry, and connections for potential employment. Participating in YES CHEF! is also a fantastic way to meet new people, practice English, and have fun!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Tamara if you have any questions or need help to fill out the form: or call/text 778-919-0366 for more assistance.

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