settlement services / 移民安顿服务 / خدمات الإسکان و الاستقرار / servicios de asentamiento

We understand that settling in a new place and making it home for you and your family is a challenging and long process. No matter where you are from or how long it has been since you arrived in Canada, we welcome all newcomers to access support services and community involvement opportunities here at Frog Hollow. Our programs are designed to help you successfully navigate the stages towards citizenship and further on, for your longterm wellbeing and participation in society.

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One-on-One Services

Who| Permanent residents and new immigrants

Time| Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm


2131 Renfrew Street (at 5th avenue)



中文服務請找 Settlement Program Coordinators

Diane at 604.506.2131 /

Liliane at 778.708.2131 /


Eva Aboud at (English)

Maysa Zahran at (Arabic)

Maria Helena at (Spanish)

One-on-one service includes one-to-one settlement plan, information & orientation, assisting to permanent resident card renewal, citizenship applications, career planning, BC housing applications, rental assistance, benefits applications (EI, CEWS,  CRB, income assistance, tax credits, OAS, child care subsidy, CCB, school enrollments, etc.), medical applications (MSP, PharmaCare), free English lesson referral, and so much more!

One-on-one service is available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish.

The one-to-one services are provided through both on line/in-person, such as email, text message, phone, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Zoom.

In person by appointment only.

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