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September 28, 2017
The Hidden Life of Materials:
Invitations, Provocations & The 100 Languages of Children

Beauty and aesthetics are important elements of education for young children. The sense of beauty and the joy and pleasure it brings to our hearts is everlasting and impacts our intellectual & moral experiences.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we recognize that children are not isolated entities, but unique individuals who are constantly relating with the people and the materials around them. Educators hold the important role of understanding the characteristics of materials and bringing them to life.

In this interactive workshop we will explore the ways we appreciate beauty in our work with children and their right to their 100 languages. We ask ourselves:

How do materials interact with the world around them and what does this mean for children?

What is the identity of the objects surrounding us and how does this identity change when we begin to interact with them?

What does it mean to be in relation with objects and how can educators support this relationship?

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November 30, 2017
The Role of the Educator in Emergent Curriculum

Presenters: Susan Harris MacKay and Matt Karlsen of Opal School

The concepts of “emergent curriculum” and “emergent learning” can be challenging when it comes to putting them into practice. Educators can become unsure of their roles and may feel that they are being asked to just stand back and wait for things to happen. Emergent curriculum calls for so much more than passivity. But what?

As educators who practice with an emergent curriculum, we find ourselves holding many different roles and we must find the passion and the power within us to manage this complex and yet rewarding approach.

On November 30th, our evening session will explore the role of the educator in emergent learning and share stories of Opal School and Frog Hollow Children Centres to further illustrate this subject.

Also, participants will have the opportunity to visit our Reggio-inspired preschools.

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December 1, 2017
Play, the Arts, and Education for Democracy

Presenters: Susan Harris MacKay and Matt Karlsen of Opal School

Play and the arts are instrumental in supporting children to find their place within complicated, nuanced questions. On December 1st, we will reflect together on children’s experiences and ideas through unpacking their dialogues, designs, and dilemmas as we work together to make meaning of democracy, justice & rights.

Through examining our varied stories, we hope to make progress in understanding a series of questions that lie at the heart of our practice:
· What habits, dispositions, and understandings are necessary for participatory democracy? How might we nurture them in school?
· How do play and the arts help us see beyond the limits of the systems we have now to feed our imagination for more just worlds of greater democracy?
· How can we create learning environments for democracy guided by a strong image of children as creative, competent, and capable, full of gifts that the world needs now?

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