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Our Preteen and Youth Services are designed to involve a young person throughout their development from their preteen to adolescence. Preteens can start participating in weekly after school programs at 10 years old, or be part of our Grade 7s transition preparation. Throughout high school, they can access a range of skills development programs and leadership opportunities to eventually become a youth leader in the community. Even in post-secondary, youth can continue their participation in various leadership capacities.

Preteen and Youth Programs

Preteen Program

Ages | 10-14 years old
Hours | Wed, Thurs 3:30-6:00, Friday 3:30-7:00
Location | Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House 2131 Renfrew St.
Contact | Spiros at 604.251.1225 or spiros@froghollow.bc.ca

The Frog Hollow Pre-Teen program works to engage students in a social environment by offering fun and supportive activities to gain life skills, social skills, & self respect.

After school drop-in offers:

  • Engaging workshops that deal with everyday life
  • Internet access
  • Video games
  • Homework help & Tutoring
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • High school transition
  • Diversity, culture & gender awareness

Youth Skills

Ages | Grades 9-12
Location | Vancouver Technical Secondary School
Contact | Joyce at 604.251.1225 or joyce@froghollow.bc.ca
We accept external workshop requests for youth

The Youth Skills Program runs three times per year and gives opportunity to:

  • Learn resume writing and interview skills
  • Get hands on training in one of our programs
  • Workshops on communication, professionalism, & conflict resolution
  • Complete service hours
  • program schedule

To Apply:

  1. Pick up an application from Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
  2. Pick up an application from the BASE space in the cafeteria at Van Tech and drop it off at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

Youth Connections Program

Ages | Newcomers 10-18 years old
Hours | Weekdays at lunch, Saturday
Varies, please contact the coordinator for details
Location | Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, 2131 Renfrew St.
Contact | Spiros at 604.251.1225 or spiros@froghollow.bc.ca

The Youth Connections Program offers newcomer youth who are new to Canada a safe place to learn about Canadian Culture, their community, and practice their English. Some activities include:

  • Skill development & other workshops on various topics of interest
  • Engaged workshops that deal with everyday life
  • Top Chef culinary activities
  • Support services for post-secondary & career planning
  • Activities Social Emotional Wellbeing
  • Homework Support
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Internet Access
  • Out–trips

Building A Safer Environment

Ages | 14-18 years old
Hours | Tues-Thurs at lunch
Location | Vancouver Technical Secondary School
Contact | Joyce at 604.251.1225 or joyce@froghollow.bc.ca

The BASE program addresses bullying, harassment and discrimination in high school through mentoring, workshops and events throughout the school year. Each school year, forty grade 11 and 12 students are trained as mentors and leaders then assigned to a grade eight homeroom. Through positive relationships between younger and older kids, the school climate is transformed into a safe and respectful space for all students.

To Apply:

  • Students must be registered at Vancouver Technical High School.
  • Up to 65 leaders are recruited in late April and early May for the following school year.
  • TRAINING OVER THE SUMMER: Every Wednesday from 5-7pm. For more information, please contact Molina.

Youth Advisory Committee

Ages | Grades 9-12 & Alumni
Hours | Bi-weekly Tuesday 6:00-8:00
Location | Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, 2131 Renfrew St.
Contact | Stephanie at 604.251.1225 or stephanie@froghollow.bc.ca

The Youth Advisory Committee is formed by youth in various youth programs in the community to advise, plan, lead events and projects for the youth in the community, as well as, create the best project possible with the support of Frog Hollow Youth program staff.  The committee provides young people a forum to voice their needs and gives them an opportunity to make a difference in their community. Projects vary from fund raising ideas to supporting social issues in the community.

Luv the Grub

Ages | 16-30
Contact | Rosie at 604.253.9675 or rosie@froghollow.bc.ca

Luv the Grub is a youth employment program operating out of Frog Hollow’s kitchen. Youth overcoming barriers to employment learn life skills and food production skills by creating jams/preserves from diverted food scraps. These products are sold at local markets, and profits are reinvested in the social enterprise.

Make It!

Ages | 16-30
Contact | Robin at 604.253.9675 or robin@froghollow.bc.ca

Make It! is an art therapy program for youth ages 16-30  impacted by the opioid crisis. A Youth Worker, Registered Art Therapist/Counselor, and youth mentors operate the program one evening each week at Drive Youth Employment Services. Youth drop-in to create art, build peer relationships, and connect to community resources.  Each quarter program participants plan and host an art show to share their ideas to address addiction related stigma in our community.

Youth looking for employment-related support or want to gain experience with making film can access the Drive Youth Employment Services Program and FRAMES Film Program at one of our satellite offices located at 2106 Commercial Drive. Please visit our external websites for these two programs for more information.

Frames Film Program

Drive Youth Employment Services

Staff Contacts

Youth Services Coordinator
Joyce at 604.251.1225 / joyce@froghollow.bc.ca

Preteen and Youth Connections Program Coordinator
Spiros at 604.251.1225 / spiros@froghollow.bc.ca

FRAMES Program Coordinator
Amanda at 250.878.2405 / amanda@froghollow.bc.ca

Drive Youth Employment Services Program Coordinator
Rosie at 604.253.9675 / rosie@froghollow.bc.ca

Scholarship and Bursary
Joyce at 604.251.1225 / joyce@froghollow.bc.ca

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