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At Frog Hollow Reggio-Inspired Learning Centre, we believe that the best way of learning is a highly individual approach; inspired by the philosophies and methods of the Reggio-Emilia approach, we frame our learning strategy in the following way:



Holding a curious mind and a rich image of the child is a practice that comes with understanding of the self and others and requires ongoing collaboration and reflection with colleagues and families. We believe that seeing children and educators in action can be a very positive learning experience for teachers who are exploring the Reggio Emilia approach.

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We offer a wide range of public and customized services to provide opportunities for our visitors to learn about the Reggio Emilia approach and to reflect on the information they have received. Every educator and every program is unique and the process of reflection is essential to prepare and bring back information for your own programs.

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Collaboration is our key to a better world. At Frog Hollow Reggio-Inspired Learning Centre, reaching out to other inspired educators and programs allows us to share ideas and thoughts.

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Upcoming Events

April 19, 2018

From Rights to Needs – Cultivating Supportive Cultures – workshop

The beautiful and powerful philosophy behind the Reggio Emilia approach sits well with most of us educators. However at times, we may find it difficult to apply the principles to our practice. In this joint workshop, we will explore how the Reggio Emilia principles can support educators in cultivating inclusive and supportive cultures in their programs.

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April 25, 2018

Frog Hollow Children’s Centre – Learning Journey and Tour

Frog Hollow Children’s Centre is excited to offer a public tour to educators and teachers! During this tour, you will have the opportunity to see Reggio-inpsired programs in action.

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Book a Learning Journey.

Visit the Learning Centre, receive customized consultation, and engage in reflective dialogue all in one day.

Contact Maryam to find out more:

Scheduled group tours will be offered to the public on a regular basis; please check our events page for upcoming dates and times.

Private visits can be arranged based on your unique interests. We can customize the location, the length and the focus contents of the visit.

Frog Hollow Children’s Centres: visits can be planned to our toddler and 3-5 full-day childcare program (Satellite daycare), our preschool programs (part-time & full-time), and our school-age programs (Nootka School Age Care, Kids World School Age Care or Kindercare).

Interested in other Reggio-inspired schools and childcare centres in the Lower Mainland? We work in partnership with other early-years programs and schools to offer a broader perspective for educators interested in the Reggio Emilia approach.

Please contact Maryam at (604) 817-2491 or for further information, or to book your private, customized tour.

We can cater to your specific needs and circumstances, working with you to bring the Reggio Emilia approach home. Some of our available services include:

Observation & Feedback: our consultants can visit your programs and provide constructive feedback to your team based on their observations. This is a great first step for starting your Reggio approach journey.

One-to-one consultations: We work with your management team or educator team to meet your program’s unique circumstances.

On-floor mentorship: our consultants join your program and work as on-floor educators to offer hands-on mentorship.

Customized workshops: based on where your team is and what the educator’s desires are, we can plan and provide workshops in different subjects including routines and rules, risk-taking, documentation, program planning (progettazione), etc.

To arrange for customized services please contact Maryam at (604) 817-2491 or

We invite community collaboration in the following ways:

Educators Roundtables:
Early-years and middle-age educators are invited to share thoughts. Please check the events page for upcoming roundtable dates.

Leaders Dialogues:
These meetings bring together the community’s Reggio-inspired leaders to discuss broad subjects involved in the community. Most of these meetings have limited space and participants will be invited directly.

Parents and Families Gatherings:
Parents are the heart of the Reggio Emilia approach and we value their thoughts greatly. We welcome parents to join us in conversation meetings, where a wide range of subjects can be discussed openly.

For more information please contact Maryam at (604) 817-2491 or

While each of our individual services are valuable for your Reggio approach journey, we strongly recommend that you join us on a full-day learning journey where you can visit our centres, receive customized consultation, and engage in reflective dialogue all in one day.

If you would like to join us for a learning journey, please contact Maryam at (604) 817-2491 or